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Experience the thrill of sneaking into your neighbor's house with Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 for iOS

Thanks, but still put the donations as an option when you reupload the game, i will still pay you. So for the game itself, add a use button (E), solutions, make the enemy patrol, add furnitures for the empty rooms in the neighbor's house, make the doors openable, make a sensitivity ajuster, make keys and locks that work, add a simple ending, if you can, a beginning animation, add a main menu, remodel the house to look basically exactly like the one in hello neighbor alpha 1 if possible. Basically, polish the game. If everything that i named is added, i will pay you 20$ or more (depending on how well executed it is). If some features are missing, i will pay you less than 20$. If nothing is changed, i am not paying (obviously). Your deadline will be the 25th of december 2021. So, 3 weeks. The date of release will also affect the price i am paying (less if after the 25th, more if before). If you have any questions, you can ask them here or email me at Keep me updated around once every week, thank you, and good luck!

hello neighbor alpha 1 download ios


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