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Mateo Collins
Mateo Collins

The Bat In The Belfry Torrent

And these are vampires who drew drink wine... the wine from the vines of human grapes! But they are sophisticated members of The Vampire family, apparently count Dracula and his wife (veteran actors Alex D'Arcy and Paula Raymond), sophisticated and urbane, with Raymond ironically looking Judy Garland going on singing until the sun comes up. Are popular is none other than John Carradine, a former Dracula himself even as of the year before. They have an Igor like servant who does their Dirty work, joined later on by an escaped psychopathic killer who win the film's only truly violent scene shooting a hitchhiker right in the face, literally looking like he blew the guy's head off.Their castle in the desert is really a rental, featuring a dungeon where they have their victims chained to the wall and literally blood out of them as they require a glass of human wine it's all done with manners too, and that makes this and tree and the Dracula cycle of films one of the most tongue in cheek, surprisingly entertaining for a film that is deeply flawed. Gene Otis Shane and Jennifer Bishopare they unlucky Louis wed couple who come to the castle to tell them that they've inherited it from James grandfather and intend to live there, meeting that the 300 year old couple must find new belfry's to battle in. Normally, I don't find modern set horror films at all interesting, but just has enough Gothic touches and certainly plenty of camp to have kept me interested.

The Bat In The Belfry Torrent

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A family in new clothes off to celebrate Eid at the Mosque, now moving not of their own volition, just gliding shell shocked on the torrent, they are is followed by a man carrying a brace of wild geese and a bundle of ivory white lotus root stalks speckled with gold tied with ropes of wet straw, the two major ingredients of the favored dish minus the spices, school children with their backs to each other looking this way and that, half-starved children and their half burnt houses; all are going the way of the movement that no one can prevent, not Man not God.




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