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Mateo Collins
Mateo Collins

Where To Buy Plastic Garment Bags

It may sound strange, but just like people, clothing needs to breathe. In other words, while in storage, it is best if your clothing has a comfortable circulation of air. Fresh air nourishes the fabric fibers and significantly reduces the possibility of damage.However, dry cleaning bags do not allow for air circulation. Instead, they trap moisture inside. Moisture becomes locked in the hot and humid bag and has nowhere else to go but to absorb into your clothes. And, moisture creates a breeding ground for mold growth, which can completely destroy your valuable clothing pieces.

where to buy plastic garment bags

We are all aware of the harmful effects of plastic pollution. A number of countries have opted for a ban or minimization of these bags due to their negative impact on the environment. Discontinuing the use of these bags, even only as an individual, will better protect your clothing and the environment.

Though synthetic garment bags are insufficient for long-term clothing storage, other types of garment bags are ideal. The best choice, for your clothing and the environment, are garment bags made of organic natural textiles.

Only bags made of breathable materials, like cotton, are suitable for long-term storage. Hayden Hill garment bags are made of 100% organic, soft cotton with a sheer, organza side panel so you can see your pieces while keeping them protected.

Even though zippered plastic bags are convenient for storing clothes, they are not the best option for the longevity of your clothing. Storing items in a zippered bag creates a level of compression that can cause severe damage to the natural fibers found in cashmere and silk, as well as cracking damage to any leather item.

Many of us overlook the importance of protecting our garments against environmental elements, and it can cause severe irreparable damage. People are also unaware that the type of garment bag they are using may even be causing the damage, particularly plastic garment bags and cheap non woven bags.

Furthermore, when plastic and non-woven garment bags are stored long term, you'll find they tend to crumble, fall apart or disintegrate into a million pieces (I know this from experience). The undetected openings and small entry points allow dirt, dust, moths, and other critters to subliminally enter the bag you had 'protected' your garments in and cause further unsuspecting damage. Ouch!

Cotton is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fabric. It is super positive to know that cotton takes up to 3 - 6 months to breakdown, whereas other materials and fabrics, particularly plastic garment bags, can take up to 20 - 200 years, if at all, to breakdown.

GARMENT BAG HANGER OPENING. The sheer weight of your garments that you are storing will weigh down the cotton garment bag and seal off the slit at the top where your hanger is inserted. The sealed opening will prevent dirt, dust etc, from entering the garment bag and further protects your garments from the elements, including those unwanted crazy critters, dirt and dust etc.

If you've ordered in the past, we do make minor changes from time to time - therefore, we do not represent or guarantee that garment bags you buy now will match the material, length, or exact color (due to variance in production runs) of previously-ordered garment bags. We may have added garment bags from earlier production runs to availability after doing an inventory, so the color/length may not be exactly the same as your bag.