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Mateo Collins
Mateo Collins

And The Award Goes too… |LINK|

In the past, said Ron Goetzel, president and CEO of The Health Project, the organization has received as many as 21 applications for the award, but the application process, including the requirement that wellness programs submit statistics and rigorous data analysis, has become so strict that fewer programs want to go through the process.

And the award goes too…


Dr. Aldana, ironically, attempts to insult me here by saying I need to look at the data. I DID look at the data, which is how I learned that while 5,293 biometric indicators improved, 6,397 got worse. He knows his, as does every other member of the awards committee with access to a calculator. Boise taxpayers got snookered and the employees got harmed, according to his own data.

One of the amazing things about working for a global company is seeing the inspiring and innovative ideas and concepts emerging from across the firm. As much as these achievements are celebrated within the company it is always a pleasure to have the hardwork and drive of the teams recognized. Read on to see three great awards that our teams from foodpanda Malaysia, talabat, and foodpanda Philippines received.

Parcel sorting robots designed to help packages reach their destinations as quickly as possible are more powerful and accurate than ever, thanks to software that learns as it goes with artificial intelligence (AI).

It's once again time to celebrate the best of the best! Nominations are still being accepted for the Special Events 2023 Gala awards! We invite you to submit your best work from the past year. Join in the excitement and the spirit of our industry as we celebrate the hard work and exceptional accomplishments of our peers.

Designer of the YearThis award is presented to the company whose design work has been exceptional in all aspects throughout the year. Events of any size or type executed within the United States of America will be considered.

The 2021 L. Adrienne Cupples Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service in Biostatistics, has been awarded to Xihong Lin, professor of biostatistics and coordinating director of the Program in Quantitative Genomics at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Lin is also a professor of statistics at Harvard University. Lin will accept the award and give a presentation, most likely in a virtual format, on April 1.

Omid Kokabee, an Iranian graduate student in physics at the University of Texas at Austin who was imprisoned for refusing to contribute to weapons research in his home country, has been awarded the 2014 Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award from AAAS.

Kokabee, the first doctoral student to win the award, was honored by AAAS "for his courageous stand and willingness to endure imprisonment rather than violate his moral stance that his scientific expertise not be used for destructive purpos