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Mateo Collins
Mateo Collins

Screenbits - Screen Recorder Crack ((INSTALL))

Screenbits does not record sound, so this video recorder may not be well-suited for capturing audio conversations or maybe you need a separate application to handle that. Notwithstanding the lack of recording sounds, the software has a few limitations: you can create screencast of up to 90 minutes and there's no online recording or conversion.

Screenbits - Screen Recorder crack

There are several screen recorders around that allows you to record your screen area in any format and device. Among them, there is no app that grants as many features and options for the screen recording as Screenbits that we'll present to you today. So, if you are ready for an app that does more than what the other screen recorders can offer, then this is the best choice.

The interface of Screenbits is very clean and well-organized as you can see on the image on the left. This is certainly an application that you can use without getting any background on how things are actually done. There are a single window on the top of the page where you can control all the settings for the recording, adjust the recording quality, and activate a shortcut to start the recording.

Screenbits allows you to capture one video or many videos of your choice thanks to the multiple slots you can choose from. You can record your desktop and you can define the region of the screen you want to capture. All the recordings are saved in the Screenbitz saving directory, which is located in the same folder where the application is installed.

Screenbits allows you to choose from three qualities for the captured videos: High, Medium, and Low. Besides the video or audio quality, another important aspect is the bit rate, which is set to 1280 by 720 (good for most videos). Other settings include the resolution for the screen capture and the gap (in seconds) between two consecutive screen capture, among other details.




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